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James jcarlock1 at
Thu May 9 22:14:17 UTC 2013

On 5/9/2013 5:02 PM, Carlos M. martinez wrote:
> My mail setup is as limited as my eyesight. As I mentioned, I have
> emails in my inbox and filter afterwards in order to keep mbox size at
> reasonable levels. In this way I don't forget to check this or that folder.
> While on inbox I filter by looking at the tags. Works really well and I
> know quite a few people who do the same. I counted and I'm subscribed to
> over 50 mailing lists and this is the only one which does not tag the
> subject.
> Probably you've discussed this in the past (I'm a rather new
> subscriber), so I apologize for bringing up a dead horse.
> regards,
> Carlos
> On 5/8/13 10:53 PM, Michael McNally wrote:
>> On 5/8/13 9:43 AM, Carlos M. martinez wrote:
>>> Agreed, but, subject tagging is very useful for those who prefer to have
>>> things hit your inbox first, before archiving. And there seems to be a
>>> lot more agreement on the tagging issue than on the reply to.
>> Unless your mail setup is extremely restricted in what it can filter
>> on, you have several choices of header which can be used by an
>> automated filter to detect and classify appropriately according to list.
>> Personally I have procmail file bind-users traffic based on the
>> "List-Id:" header, but I realize you may be in a different environment
>> with different tools available.)
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I want to mention that the ThunderBird e-mail application by Mozilla 
works great and groups the topics appropriately. It looks fairly nice 
and appropriate too. I use it on Windows computers and a variety of 
"plugins" end up available. A variety of ways exist to block e-mails 
from specific domains, if I recall correctly, but then I mostly work 
with Microsoft Windows systems (I apologize). The ThunderBird program 
runs on a variety of systems including Linux, et al.

I currently operate no DNS or X-Mail systems but I know all systems 
provide a way to block outgoing mail and HTTP/HTTPS access to specific 
domains, even the Microsoft Windows systems.

I miss the old newsgroups that used to exist and I miss Outlook Express 
too. ThunderBird provides a way to group the topics and it works very well.

I hope this helps you with your e-mail problems. ThunderBird ends up as 
open-source software and I think they provide already compiled software 
as well to many different operating systems. The text-size and other 
(font selection) within the application either works as the operating 
system configures it, or as configured in the about:config or other 
configuration files.

James And Imelda Carlock

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