BIND 9.10 compilation problem for FreeBSD 6.x/7.x

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue May 6 21:21:25 UTC 2014

In message <alpine.LSU.2.00.1405061457310.1509 at>, Tony Fi
nch writes:
> Shawn Zhou <shawnzhou00 at> wrote:
> > Any problem has problem building BIND 9.10 for FreeBSD? We are using the
> > same process that worked for building 9.9.4 to build 9.10 on FreeBSD
> > 6.x/7.x but we are getting "ld: invalid BFD target" error.
> Yes. BIND's linking stage changed between 9.9 and 9.10 so instead of
> invoking cc to link, its build scripts now invoke ld directly. If you used
> to use -Wl to escape linker flags you must now pass them unescaped.
> My build used to have
> 	export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-R/opt/OpenSSL/lib"
> but now has
> 	export LDFLAGS="-R/opt/OpenSSL/lib"

It's more that there is a loadable object being built to test loading
of dynamicably loadable drivers.  Most of the linking is still done
through $CC.

Also one shouldn't need to add LDFLAGS="-R/opt/OpenSSL/lib".  configure
adds it itself if the platform needs it. --with-openssl=/opt/OpenSSL
should be enough.

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