Two copies of recent posts

Paul Kosinski bind at
Thu Nov 26 01:35:43 UTC 2020

Yes indeed: I sent the last email (and this one) to bind-users and CC-ed to you. That explains why there are two different ESMTP IDs.

The question is, have you, like I have, received two copies of any emails (from where there *identical* ESMTP IDs in their associated sequences of "Received:" headers. This would indicate that the duplication was caused by an intermediate MTA. (The one I previously indicated was, which is the one and only MX for

-Paul K.

On Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:46:06 -0500
Jim Popovitch via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:

> On Tue, 2020-11-24 at 22:22 -0500, Paul Kosinski wrote:
> > My reading of the headers (below) does *not* suggest "Reply All".
> > 
> > Rather, they show that sent/forwarded the email once,
> > and it was received by once with ESMTP ID 026B967ED73.
> > But then resent/forwarded it more than once, as it was
> > received a few seconds later by (again!) with two
> > *different* ESMTP IDs: B380C67F367 and E414B67F36E.
> > 
> > This suggests to me that is being a bit too diligent in
> > delivering its email.
> >   
> I just received 2 copies of your post, with 2 different ESMTP IDs...
> because you sent it to 2 different recipients.  That same thing would
> happen if you sent it to bind-users at and 
> bind-users at
> -Jim P.

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