[dlc at netapp.com: interest in bind-workers list.]

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Sat Nov 6 03:16:48 UTC 1999

> What I'm after is to see if anybody's looking at/working on 
> extending the UDP port choice options (listen-on, query-source) 
> to allow NOTIFY messages to be sent to a non-standard port as well.
> I want to be able to set up a complete replica of my production 
> systems (master and slaves) on a non-standard port, and fully test them 
> with copies of doc and dnswalk I've modified to use non-standard ports, 
> before moving the new data into production.
> So something like a notify-port option and/or making also-notify 
> take a list of IP address,port tuples would do the trick.

nobody is working on this. well-tested and documented patches would be welcome.

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