Event ID source incorrect for BIND 8.2.3 NT port

Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Fri May 4 18:42:46 UTC 2001

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 12:03:09PM -0600, Cricket Liu wrote:
> > > >Changes to named.conf. That is 100% of the problem I am trying to deal
> > > >with at this moment, however I would prefer that we didn't have an
> option
> > > >that did something different on NT than on Unix. So my request was
> phrased
> > > >as a feature match.
> > >
> > >          Well reload does that and any zone file changes.  restart both
> deals
> > > with changes to named.conf, the zone files as well as clearing cache and
> > > memory.
> >
> > Why the difference in what reload does on NT?  This is exactly what I hope
> > to avoid -- same-name operations doing different things on different
> > platforms.
> Reloading a UNIX-based BIND name server re-reads
> named.conf and checks for changes to zone data files,
> as Danny said.  It's no different than what reload does on NT.

The man page says 

	Causes named to check the serial numbers of all primary and secondary
	zones and to reload those that have changed (uses the HUP signal.) 

Testing with a live 8.2.3 server confirms that you are correct, however
this has never been documented as such. Given the word match with the
documentation of SIGHUP on Bind 4.9, it wouldn't have occurred to me that
it re-read the zone file.

Okay, current issue non-existent.

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