Why both BIND 8.3.0 and BIND 8.2.5?

Loomis, Rip GILBERT.R.LOOMIS at saic.com
Fri Sep 7 14:45:49 UTC 2001

I don't speak for Nominum or ISC in this regard,
but I have some insight (I hope/believe):

1.  Not all new functions are desirable.  Operators
	of critical servers are much more likely to
	stick with the 8.2.x series unless one of
	the new features in 8.3.x is a killer app.

2.  8.2.x was originally supposed to be "the last
	BIND 8" but (to my understanding) certain
	folks want better I18N and IPv6 support added
	to the BIND 8 codebase rather than moving over
	to BIND 9.  I disagree with that method, but
	each choice has its own level of pain and I
	don't know all the motivating factors for
	"those folks".  This, combined with stated
	goals of not including new features in
	point releases (as 8.2.3 did) means that
	the "maintenance" and "feature" streams
	are both getting new releases in the same

3.  The 8.2.5 point release should (IMHO) include
	all the features you currently use/expect,
	with bugfixes.  What are the required BIND
	features that you're currently lacking in

As to what IBM should be looking at integrating into
the AS/400, I would recommend going from the 8.2.x
series over to 9.1.3.  On behalf of a fairly large
customer, we've done enough testing on 9.1.3 that
several critical nameservers have already transitioned
to 9.1.3 and a significant fraction of the rest are
expected to follow in the next 3-5 months.

The choice, though, needs to be based on a whole
lot of tradeoffs.  If you're planning to stick with
BIND 8 for awhile, I would recommend going to 8.2.5
upon its release until 8.3.0 has been through the
"spin cycle" (or lather/rinse/repeat) on its new
features.  Individual AS/400 users who need 8.3.0
features can still upgrade locally, correct?

Rip Loomis
Senior Systems Security Engineer
SAIC Center for Information Security Technology 

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> Subject: Why both BIND 8.3.0 and BIND 8.2.5?
> Based on there being release candidates out for both 8.2.5 
> and 8.3.0, it
> looks like the plan is to actually release both; is that 
> correct?  If so,
> why would you want to do that instead of just have 8.3.0 (I 
> realize that
> 8.3.0 has 'new function', while 8.2.5 is just 'fixes'; but is the new
> function so extensive or incomaptible that one might need to 
> stick with the
> 8.2.x series instead of moving to 8.3.0?)?
> My platform, IBM iSeries (aka AS/400), is currently at 8.2.3 
> and I would
> like to upgrade it soon.  I guess I'm just looking into 
> insight as to under
> what conditions I would need to stick with 8.2.x instead of 
> going to 8.3.0?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Joe
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