how is the client identifer used in other DHCP servers.

Ralph Blach ralph.blach at
Thu Mar 23 14:12:55 UTC 2006

Thakks for you input.  I have my questions answered for now.

On 3/23/06, David W. Hankins <David_Hankins at> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 08:15:46AM -0500, Ralph Blach wrote:
> > Any comments of RFC 4361 which seems to change this?
> You could say I made several comments.
> The main problems I forsee are for server administrators, not client
> implementors or users, or anything else.
> Basically it exacerbates current problems when you have a single client
> (a single machine) that, due to having different software loaded at
> different times (some of those perhaps during bootstrap) winds up
> identifying itself inconsistently.
> But to my recollection, RFC4361 never updates rfc2131 on the specific
> section I quoted earlier ("servers are supposed to treat identifiers
> as opaque blobs").
> So I don't think it changes anything for what you've asked about.
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