DHCPrelay can't receive reply from the server

jgomez at infoweapons.com jgomez at infoweapons.com
Tue Apr 3 06:44:53 UTC 2007

Hi guys!

I had configured DHCP server listening on interface em0 and a client
requesting for Ip address on interface em1. so, in order that the client
and the DHCP server can exchange information, a dhcp relay agent is
configured between the DHCP server and the client.

Note: i use dhcp-3.0.5 release

                 (em1)       (em1)
   +-------------+ +-------------+

   |  128.1.2.x  +---------------+ relay agent |

   +-------------+               +------+------+

                                        |   (em0)
                                        |   (em0)


                                  | dhcp server |


In the relay agent I execute:
/usr/sbin/dhcrelay - i em1 -i em0 -d -a

and in the dhcp server, I try to start the server listening
on interface em0 and with a subnet declaration for 128.1.2.x.
That is:

subnet netmask


The client can't acquire an Ip address.. The relay agent can relay the
message to the server, but the the relay agent can't receive the reply
from the server.

But when I tried to check the network configuration, there's no problem
because the dhcpserver ( can ping to and can ping to

if i have to configure the client a fixed address, it can ping to, it can also ping to and it can also ping to
So, i think there's no problem with routing..

Can anybody help me in finding what's the possible solution?

Thanks ;)


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