How to run in failover but NOT load balancing?

Stulic,Damjan damjan.stulic at
Fri Dec 21 14:14:38 UTC 2007

set split to 0 or 255 to turn off load balancing.
but be aware (from my experiences):
 - both servers will still log the dora process, and keep leases in
dhcpd.leases file
 - on true failover (when primary is down) some functionality is
unavailable (like to add new pools)

Damjan Stulic
IS Security Identity Management
Edward Jones

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Subject: How to run in failover but NOT load balancing?

I think I've misunderstood something in setting up DHCP 3.1.0.  I have
two servers and I want them to run in failover mode, not load-balancing,
with one server providing service to all dhcp requests and the other
acting as a standby.  I have both listed in the router's configuration
(ip helper-address).  Is this supported under the failover protocol
implemenation?  Or is the only way to run two servers to have them load
balance?  I'd like to run in the active-standy mode to simplify
troubleshooting so I don't have to figure out which server has acted on
a client's request.  Initially I thought I could do this with the
"split" statement but everything I've read tells me I should keep the
split value at  128  which implies balancing between the two servers.

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