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John Jason Brzozowski john_brzozowski at
Wed Jun 27 01:48:05 UTC 2007


Having the client fail to run if dhcov6.oro is missing was a bit
inconvenient.  I would certainly prefer something that is more forgiving.


On 6/26/07 6:15 PM, "David W. Hankins" <David_Hankins at> wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 11:05:10AM -0800, Ted Lemon wrote:
>> Oh, that's right.   Sorry, it's been a long time since I looked at
>> that part of the spec.   So if you send an ORO, then the server can't
>> send you anything you didn't ask for in the ORO.   If you don't send
>> an ORO, it can send you whatever it wants.   But if you send an ORO
>> and don't request the right stuff, then what I said stands - you
>> really don't want the server to volunteer options in that case.
> But...Section 18.1.1 ("Creation and Transmission of Request Messages"):
>    The client MUST include an Option Request option (see section 22.7)
>    to indicate the options the client is interested in receiving.
> This is why ISC "dhclient -6" insists that a dhcp6.oro be configured,
> or it'll fail to run.
> Either we do a Request eventually in runtime, or we will have already
> done one if we're restarting ("Confirm"), or we're likely to have to
> do one if anything happens to our lease.  Better to fail early than
> late.
> I just wrote this off as yet another part of rfc3315 that wants
> you to "be liberal."  Send, receive, whatever.
> But if that's not the case we should probably tell dhcwg.  I'll
> send a note anyway.
> Sorry about the "send dhcp6.oro 1, 2, ...;" stuff by the way.  I know
> its kludgy.  I want to do a proper option request semantic (with a
> default list, since we MUST supply one) sometime before 4.0.0 final
> hopefully.  I didn't want that work to delay testing, which we're
> obviously getting. :)
> THANKS for that by the way Suprasad.  Let us know how it goes good
> or bad!

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