Support for DHCPV6 and CCC options for PacketCable 1.x Devices

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A week or two ago I was reading some whitepaper/slide decks about Comcast's
move to IPv6, and it seemed to suggest that Comcast was working with eMTA
vendors to make their products IPv6 ready.

I was under the impression that wasn't only the CM portion, but also the
eMTA portion.

I know Motorola has been watching this listserv in regards to IPv6, and I'll
pass that person's contact information to you off-line.  

BTW, I have not heard anything from Arris about their eMTAs being IPv6
ready, but I presume that's in the pipeline.



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Wanted to send a quick note before I went off and invested lots of time to
try and figure this out.  It seems unlikely that this is supported but I
thought it would be prudent to ask.

As part of the DOCSIS 3.0 and related efforts the ability to transmit the
CCC options (DHCPv4 equivalent is Option 122) care of DHCPv6 was introduced.
Some of these options like sub-option 1 and sub-option 2 are IPv4 addresses
of DHCPv4 server used by the MTA for provisioning.

I wish to be able to do this using the ISC DHCPv6 server.

Has anyone ventured into this territory or know if it is even supported?


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