DHCP on an old, slow AIX box.

Holger Honert holger.honert at signal-iduna.org
Wed Mar 19 07:38:04 UTC 2008

Hi Jeff,

telling you my configuration:

I also have an experimental net for testing purposes with two RS6000 
machines (failover) and dhcpd version 3.1.0 and bind DDNS 9.4.2.
The RS6k is a 43 p model 150 with 384 MB RAM and 375 Mhz CPU.

I don't see those problems you have mentioned, anyway.

Furthermore I have two more RS6k exactly the same hardware with only 
dhcp version 3.0.3 as a failover pair in production environment serving 
more than 5.000 addresses without any probs.

If you want more info, you can contact me off-list.



Jeff Sumner schrieb:
> Here's my once/year request:
> Anyone running DHCPD on a really slow AIX box experiencing problems? Version
> 3.1.0 and 3.1.1b1 both do the same thing. I've a teeny network (build for
> experimentation) and have an old RS/6000 with BIND 9.4.2 (DDNS enabled) on
> it, sufficient RAM, 10/100MB Ethernet adapter. DHCP builds fine (gcc
> obtained from IBM- version 4.0.0) and seemingly runs well.
> All DHCP requests are recorded in the log, dutifully, as are the offers.
> Only once has a device obtained a lease. I almost never see packets coming
> back into the devices. I've a couple Macs on the wire (with Wireshark) and I
> get nothing back when trying to force DHCP requests- but the log does say
> it's trying. 
> I've even tried plugging right into the RS/6000. I've tried the other NIC on
> the RS/6000, too, finding an old Ethernet transceiver.
> Once, though, I got a DDNS entry to go, and the laptop did record a 15
> minute lease, only to NOT be able to refresh it for failure to see the ack.
> This device works fine as a DNS server, SSH server/client, or anything else
> I could ask for. I don't see errors in the log, and netstat show nothing
> dropped. 
> Anyone?
> J
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