Leases based on MAC addresses

Elliot Finley lists at
Sun Feb 8 18:52:25 UTC 2009

Glenn Satchell wrote:
>> is there any way in the newest version of ISC-DHCP to have MAC based 
>> leases rather than UID based leases?
>> If not, is there anyone willing to code this into the official release 
>> for $$$?
>> If not, can anyone point me to the right place in the code to hack this 
>> in myself?
> It's already there and has been for many years. Use a host statement
> with a hardware ethernet statement to match against, eg in the
> minimalist form:
> host host_label {
> 	hardware ethernet aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff;
> 	fixed-address;
> }
> The host statement will automatically pick up options, such as
> routers, from the corresponding subnet declaration.

      I'm talking about dynamic leases here.  I have customers that will 
get a different IP when they update their systems because their UID will 
change.  If the leases were based on their MAC instead, then their IP 
would remain the same.

      So the question still remains:  How to have dynamic leases based 
on MAC addresses?

Any takers?


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