Leases based on MAC addresses

Jeff Wieland wieland at
Sun Feb 8 19:30:30 UTC 2009

Elliot Finley wrote:
> Glenn Satchell wrote:
>>> is there any way in the newest version of ISC-DHCP to have MAC based 
>>> leases rather than UID based leases?
>>> If not, is there anyone willing to code this into the official 
>>> release for $$$?
>>> If not, can anyone point me to the right place in the code to hack 
>>> this in myself?
>  >
>> It's already there and has been for many years. Use a host statement
>> with a hardware ethernet statement to match against, eg in the
>> minimalist form:
>> host host_label {
>>     hardware ethernet aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff;
>>     fixed-address;
>> }
>> The host statement will automatically pick up options, such as
>> routers, from the corresponding subnet declaration.
>      I'm talking about dynamic leases here.  I have customers that will 
> get a different IP when they update their systems because their UID will 
> change.  If the leases were based on their MAC instead, then their IP 
> would remain the same.
>      So the question still remains:  How to have dynamic leases based on 
> MAC addresses?
> Any takers?
> Thanks,
> Elliot

Look at the duplicates keyword.  You do realize that what you're
asking for violates the DHCP protocol.
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