DHCP static leases

Samer Sayeed samers at teamf1.com
Tue Jan 27 05:32:44 UTC 2009

Hi Brandon,

                  I have an alternative , what you can do is once the
printers get ip address you will include as fixed-address entry in the
config file rite ? .. while doing so , just remove the static ip address
added from the default dhcp range.

For example.

If your default dhcp range was to
and now printer is alloted an ip ,
now you will be changing the config file of dhcp, what you need to do is
split the dhcp range as


and also add the static address as you were doing earlier i.e

host xxx
ethernet xxxxxxx
ip xxxxxxx

By such exclusion of static ip from default dhcp server range, ip conflicts
wont be seen in future.

I hope this helps.

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 9:58 PM, Brandon Munger <bmunger at edison.edu> wrote:

> Yes, it is defined as a host declaration with the fixed-address.
> How are reserved leases defined?  Can it be defined in the host
> declaration area?  Thank you.
> Brandon
> Simon Hobson wrote:
>> Brandon Munger wrote:
>>  Yes those static leases are in the range.  We use this for IP printers so
>>> what we normally
>>> do is turn the printer on, let it get an IP address, then go into the
>>> dhcpd.conf and add
>>> that as a static address.
>> I assume by "static lease" you mean "host declaration with fixed address"
>> ?
>> If that is the case then you MUST NOT have the static address included in
>> any dynamic range<period>
>> If you have the address in a dynamic range then you are telling the server
>> that the address is available for leasing to clients, so it does just that.
>> I think version 4 introduces a facility for reserved leases - so you could
>> continue dynamically allocating addresses, and then simply set the lease to
>> reserved so it cannot be given to any other client.
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Thanks & Regards
SAmer SAyeed
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