Migrating to Failover

Norman Elton normelton at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 15:12:16 UTC 2009

> Can you clarify - are you migrating from a single server to a failover pair
> which does NOT include that single server, or adding another server to form
> a pair with the existing server ?

Thanks for the note. I'm moving to two completely new, standalone servers.

> If you are migrating to a completely new and different DHCP setup, then yes - you
> should copy (append) the lease database to the new servers. You need to be sure
> that there are no entries for addresses already in the new servers lease database -
> they would cause "unexpected" results.

So when I fire up a server with a new subnet, it looks like the lease
files are automatically populated with "free" or "backup" entries.
Interestingly, the entire pool has lease entries marked "free". The
second half of the pool has a second lease entry marked "backup". I
guess these second leases take precedence, allowing the secondary
server to use the backup entries?

I'm testing some scenarios now, but can I append my real leases to the
end of this generated file? Or do I need to append them before these
entries are generated?



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