dhcpserver and dhcperf on same machine - still not working

Marc Perea marccp at srttel.com
Thu Aug 12 14:48:29 UTC 2010

Hi Rajitha,
It's a good step to install dhcperf on the same host as the dhcp daemon runs on - that indicates to me that your DHCP server doesn't want to give addresses to random clients perhaps? Our DHCP server only responds to known hosts, so when I want to run dhcperf I have to add another network, define a class of hosts to test with (so that they'd be known), and allow the class within the range for load testing (implicitly denying the rest of my known clients). The config looks something like this:
class "loadtest" { match if (option agent.remote-id = 6d:61:72:63:63:70); }
        subnet netmask { #LOAD TEST
                option routers;
                option subnet-mask;
                option broadcast-address;
                pool { authoritative; range; allow members of "loadtest";}

you could also make a host entry (by mac or other identifier) to match with instead of using a class, if that's easier.
This is based on the assumption that your DHCP server is somewhat locked down to the clients that it supports - if that's not the case, what are you seeing in the logs when you attempt the dhcperf?
dhcperf should work against any DHCP server - it simply pretends to be many dozens/hundreds/thousands of clients coming from a certain network segment - it just so happens that all that happens as emulation from a single host.

>And then, to account for the drawback in the following post in the groups, i 
>installed dhcperf on the same machine that has the dhcp server. but still, it 
>gives the same problem. That means, something else is wrong here. any help is 
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