DHCP force renew

Vijayakumar T. T. vijayt at cdac.in
Tue Aug 14 08:10:50 UTC 2012

Dear All,

We have a specific project requirement in which the client system needs to 
register the credentials on a portal. Registration purpose, the client 
will get a quarantined IP (Restricted IP) from DHCP server to access 
the portal. Once user register the credentials, the client should get an 
IP from a different pool, which will have complete access to network.

Is there any mechanism by which I can ask a client system to renew the 
DHCP setting with out disturbing ( system restart/service 
restart/unplugging cable etc) the client system. Kindly guide

On forums, I come across "dhcp force renew" opton. I feel that it may help 
me. So, please let me know whether "DHCP force renew" (RFC 3203) 
implemented in latest ISC DHCP package. If so, how do I configure the 



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