forget leases

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Jul 23 08:46:07 UTC 2015

richard lucassen <mailinglists at> wrote:

> Is it somehow possible to create a pool that "forgets" which ip address
> had been assigned to a particular host once the max-lease-time has
> expired?
> Goal: I want to have a pool from:
> to
> The first host gets 128, the 2nd 129 etc. The max-lease-time is 300s. I
> switch off the two hosts. After 10 minutes I take two different hosts.
> Now I would like that dhcpd assigns ip 128 and 129 again to the new
> machines.

Config/testing bench ?

No, you'd need to do some external work to make that happen. BTW - is the goal that a "new" machine will get .128, or that the "old" machine will get a different address - it makes a difference to ways of achieving it, and one is harder than the other ?

BTW - The ISC server will not allocate the address like that anyway. At present, due to the way if uses hashed lists it will allocate addresses "top down" - so .254 will get allocated first, then .253, and so on. But that is not documented, nor is guaranteed to remain the same.

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