Static IP and IP management

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Exactly Simon!

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> Patrick Trapp <ptrapp at> wrote:
> > If you are using host entries to dictate what address a device gets (and
> not allowing devices to grab random addresses - effectively making them
> static without having to configure it on the device), then when you delete
> that host entry from the dhcpd.conf, you would know that address is free.
> Yes, but I think the primary issue is knowing that the assignment is no
> longer needed - as in, that device hasn't been here for a while. Jim has
> given an example of how I suspect most systems manage it - literally keep
> track of what IPs and MACs are in use, and see if any of them go stale.
> An alternative approach could be to use reserved leases. That way, each
> usage of the assignment goes through the normal DHCP lifecycle - including
> DNS updates. By tracking lease usage etc you can then see if a lease is no
> longer being used.
> Basically it's the old problem - when something is needed for something
> else to work then it gets noticed, when that something is no longer needed
> then it just gets forgotten about.
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