Problms with inn-2.2.2

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Apr 26 04:51:27 UTC 2000

Andy Pitts (System Admin RBDC) <andy at> writes:

> Disk d100 is a meta devise with 4 four Gig disks striped together.  And
> I get the following when I try to use them:

> Apr  9 20:18:15 rbdc innfeed[6415]: CNFS-sm: CNFSinitdisks: mmap for 
> /cycbuff/d100 offset 0 len -65536 failed: Not enough space

The negative length indicates to me that you're trying to mmap "too much."
Some things to check:

Are all your cycbuffs under 2GB?  If not, did you build with
--with-largefiles and are your cycbuffs regular files?  Solaris can't mmap
block devices >2GB unless you're running in 64 bit mode.

Did you build with --enable-tagged-hash?  If so, you can't use large files
and you can't build with --with-largefiles; those options are mutually

Is the size of your cycbuffs in cycbuff.conf correct?  The size is in
kilobytes, not bytes.

> Also Expire complains about "TOO many open files".

On Solaris, you need to increase the number of allowable open file
descriptors for news above the laughably small default limit of 64.
See <>.

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