nnrpd in the latest snapshots segfaults

Kim Alm kea at penti.org
Mon Dec 10 13:55:58 UTC 2001


I'm trying to run nnrpd from the latest snapshot with inn 2.3.3 (20011103
prerelease), reason for this is that I would like to have two nnrpds on
the same server, but different readers.conf files.

I downloaded the latest snapshot inn-CURRENT-20011209, and compiled it
on a Slackware box, with kernel 2.4.14. No problems with compilation, but
the nnrpd segfaults as soon as I try to run it.

Checked it with strace, but nothing obvious.

First question, should this be possible, run the latest nnrpd with an
older innd, or is there some library conflict or whatever lurking?

I can help on beta testing this nnrpd if needed, let me know if I can
assist in some way.


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