ctlinnd crashes innd 2.2.1

Matthew Harrell mharrell at bittwiddlers.com
Mon Dec 13 19:25:12 UTC 1999


I looked through the FAQs and past couples months of articles but I don't think
I saw anything that mentioned this but I could be wrong since I'm new at 
playing with inn.

I recently set up inn 2.2.1 (the Redhat 6.1 RPM version) so it holds a couple
of newsgroups from an upstream server and caches mailing list articles into 
local newsgroups.  Anyway, recently sometime after I upgraded from the 2.2.0
RPM to the 2.2.1 RPM I now no longer seem to be able to add or remove newsgroups
from the system.  When I try either "ctlinnd rmgroup something" or "ctlinnd 
newgroup something" it kills the innd process and I can't restart it without
copying active.old onto active first.  

When I edit active I notice that the final line consists entirely of control
characters and the ctlinnd command tacked the new newgroup onto the end of 
the control character line.  I figure that control character thing is the 
problem but innd seems to want it there.  

What the heck am I doing wrong?

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