Severe xover corruption problems on INN2.2.1

Hans Lambermont Hans.Lambermont at
Tue Oct 5 15:08:30 UTC 1999

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

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> 	Hans.Lambermont at (Hans Lambermont) wrote;
> } We have severe xover corruption problems on INN2.2.1 production systems.
> As for corrupted result of xover, there can be two reason.
> One is corrupted .overview.index in the group and another
> is corrupted offset of overview data in token.  How about
> the result of 'sm -o token'?  If it seems to be ok, then
> .overview.index is broken.

Thanks for your time again; here's some of my digging: article 84470

xover 84470
84470>           1130    10      Xref: save game mission 4 van nod!!!  "mathieu" <china.nature at> Tue, 5 Oct 1999 16:25:17 +0200  <7td10c$7ng$1 at> 734    6Xref: Re: Staatsschuld 550 miljard versneld

head 84470
221 84470 <yl3dvrdpgg.fsf at> head
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Subject: Re: INN maxed? Time to add a Diablo router?
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grephistory 'yl3dvrdpgg.fsf at'

sm -o @0302523230390000000000022D1B000000140D00B3D79800EB010000@ 

this sm -o prints 2 blank lines. That's not good. So we experience
corrupted offset of the overview data in this token ? How should we fix
this ? (and prevent it from happening again ;)

Any help appreciated.

   Hans Lambermont

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