Interesting file descriptor problem in 2.3

bill davidsen davidsen at
Mon Oct 18 20:22:33 UTC 1999

  System: inn-2.3_09-30 (and 10-05) on Linux 2.2.10 and 2.1.131.

  When running innd on port 119 and starting reader processes, the
number of file descriptors in use goes up rapidly. This doesn't happen
when running nnrpd in daemon (-D) mode.

  The obvious cause would be lack of closeonexec() for feed and channel
connections. However, the calls appear to be in his.c, innd.c, site.c,
etc. When I get time to chase this again I will start with whatever is
the current version at that time, and try putting a munual close on the
fd's in nnrpd after the fork, just to see if that's the problem.

  I was seeing about 12-15 fd's per nnrpd process, and the problem went
away after the change to daemon.

  Hope this might help anyone else having the problem.

bill davidsen <davidsen at>  CTO, TMR Associates, Inc
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