newsgroup based expiry(2.3)

Olaf Titz olaf at
Thu Oct 21 08:05:34 UTC 1999

> You can't do newsgroups based expiry with timehash in 2.3.  More
> accurately: You need to create one timehash spool for each set of
> newsgroups.  I think this is very inflexible.

It's just "storage.conf takes over the function of expire.ctl", except
in configurations with many separate spool disks where you have to
worry about distribution (but then you have this problem anyway).

> You can't change the
> expiry time on existing articles, since the articles will not jump
> from one timehash spool to another.

This is less of a problem with an adaptive solution which continuously
re-calculates expire times.

See <URL:> for an
implementation (which could need some testing on a big server). With
that one you can't move existing articles from one expire class to
another either, but IMHO there doesn't remain much need for it.


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