newsgroup based expiry(2.3)

Richard Michael Todd rmtodd at
Thu Oct 21 23:54:41 UTC 1999

In message <E11eEA8-0002Uf-00 at>you write:
>> You can't do newsgroups based expiry with timehash in 2.3.  More
>> accurately: You need to create one timehash spool for each set of
>> newsgroups.  I think this is very inflexible.
>It's just "storage.conf takes over the function of expire.ctl", except
>in configurations with many separate spool disks where you have to
>worry about distribution (but then you have this problem anyway).

Except for the annoyance that your newsgroup patterns in storage.conf are
limited to the length of a config file line (i.e. the 2048 byte (IIRC)
buffer size in conffile.c).  That's not enough if you're doing things like
dynamically determining expire times of newsgroups based on readership,
like I do.  I've got that buffer upped to 8K in my local copy, but it'd be
better still to just fix conffile.c to not have any hard limits on
line length.  Better, but not necessarily possible without rewriting the
whole function, which I haven't been sufficiently motivated yet to do. :-/

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