innfeed portability

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Oct 31 10:17:31 UTC 1999

It's currently really confusing to work with two separate sets of
portability macros and defines between the autoconf-generated stuff for
INN and the largely static stuff for innfeed that partially overrides
parts of it, plus innfeed having its own config.h means that it can't
easily include INN's config.h directly, plus innfeed is currently getting
to all that stuff via including configdata.h which I'd eventually like to
get rid of.

Would anyone have any objections to me merging the portability gunk for
innfeed into the rest of INN and then removing innfeed/sysconfig.h and
renaming innfeed/config.h to innfeed/innfeed.h?

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