FreeBSD and raw partition

Serj Smirnoff serj at
Wed Feb 16 09:21:04 UTC 2000


I'm installling INN 2.2 on the FreeBSD 3.4 and I'd like to try
storing articles in CNFS on raw partition. But there's no clear
directions in all the docs I've found on how to write proper config
files to make it working..

When I'm trying to start INN with something like


in cycbuff.conf, it writes en error while starting:

-- CUT --
CNFS-sm: read magic failed -1 bytes: Invalid argument
SM storage method 'cnfs' failed initialization
SM one or more storage methods failed initialization
-- CUT --

and doesn't work.

Can anybody give me advice on where to dig for documentation and if
it's possible to do CNFS on raw partition working in FreeBSD 3.x?

Thank you in advance!

Serj Smirnoff,
Kirovohrad Telecom
System Administrator

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