Slave/Master server synchro

OlivierS teardrop at
Thu Jul 20 16:24:47 UTC 2000

I try a synchronisation between two servers ...
For that i put such an entry in the newsfeeds file of the master server:
and in the innfeed.conf:
peer slave {...}

and such an entry in incomming.conf of the slave:
peer master {...}
After a pause of the master server i get his active file and copied it onto
the slave server ...
the slave server has xrefslave on true in inn.conf ...
Everything seems to be allright but after the reload of the config file and
the restart of the master ... nothing happens ...
i launch an startinnfeed on the master ... nothing ..
On the slave in news.notice i have about that:
" master connect ... " i must kill the process "innfeed" on the master,
"server closed xxx accepted 0 rejected 0 replicated 0 ..."
On the master i have in outgoing/slave the batch file for the feed ... ?!
... but nothing on the slave spool or incomming???

Anyone can explain me the probleme please ???

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