Arrgh! latest innfeed crashes like heck!

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 01:03:29 UTC 2000

Sven Paulus <sven at> writes:

> Another problem concerning innfeed came up on some
> days ago: Someone posted an article containing a Message-ID 494
> characters long.  Now some NNTPRelay and Diablo peers rejected this
> Message-ID as being too long with an 500 return code (= syntax
> error). innfeed logged a cxnsleep message and requeued the article for
> resending it later. You surely will guess what follows? innfeed is
> happily trying to resend this article over and over again, until you
> force a shutdown of the innfeed process and dig the Message-ID out of
> the batch files ...

This should mostly be fixed now, and after some recent discussion in the
USEFOR working group about this, I'm going to lower the limit of message
IDs that INN will accept to 250 octets (which is also the recommendation
of son-of-1036 and appears to be what will be in the next article format

> The real problem is, that innfeed has only _one_ return code handler for
> all commands, so you have to figure out, whether the 500 was in reply to
> an IHAVE, to a CHECK or to a TAKETHIS command.

> My idea how a handler function for 500 replies could look like is this,
> but I haven't tested it yet (I'd have to setup a isolated test
> environment, I don't want to pollute the 'real' net with articles
> causing problems).  But maybe who knows innfeed a little better than me
> could have a look on it and say if this makes sense:

It looks good and makes sense to me, but I too don't have an isolated test
environment right now and don't have a chance to test this just at the
moment.  If you do get a chance to test out this handler and think that it
works, I'll be happy to commit it to the CURRENT tree.

In the meantime, I'll hang on to it and add a note about this to the to-do

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