Issues with starting

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Jun 24 02:36:57 UTC 2000

Mike Gibbs <gibbs at> writes:

> First of all, if this is the wrong list, then please point me to the
> right one for these questions.

> Ok, for no reason I can find, when I try and start (or
> inndstart) It looks like it is working ok, then just dies, with the
> below errors.  the first line only happens once, then rest are continous
> everytime I rerun it, until reboot.

> Jun  5 16:59:58 rnews: cant open_remote Connection
> refused
> Jun  5 17:03:42 innd: SERVER descriptors 64
> Jun  5 17:03:42 innd: SERVER outgoing 5
> Jun  5 17:03:42 innd: SERVER ccsetup control:57
> Jun  5 17:03:42 innd: SERVER lcsetup localconn:59
> Jun  5 17:03:42 innd: SERVER rcsetup remconn:4

innd is silently dying for some reason.  Unfortunately, it sounds like
it's not logging the reason.  You may want to try running innd -d under a
debugger and see if that reveals what the problem is.

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