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Tue May 23 12:54:22 UTC 2000

Hi Elena !

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| Hi Jan,
| > First Thanks to Igor and Elena for helping me with the md5 filter. :-)
| You're most welcome. :)
| > 1.) Is it posible to set userid/password on some group on the same host
| Yes.  See nnrpd.access (or readers.conf if you are running inn 2.3).

Is 2.3 stable ?
When will it be a none beta version ?

| > 2.) My custumer on our privat inn server wan't to be a moderator on some
| > group,
| > (he wan't to remove mails).
| > Is this posible without login to our Linux (he is runing pc/win
| > reader/outlook) ?
| I think you should make him a real moderator, that is redirect all the
| postings to his e-mail address rather than let them be posted into the
| newsgroup and removed later.  See file "moderators".  He will need to
| supply a special header "Approved: " in those postings that he lets
| through, that is he will have to repost all those good postings with this
| header.  I don't know how to do that in Outlook though.  If he does not
| like this :) then you may try to play with permissions to cancel articles.
| The danger here though is that if you disable the check, then anyone can
| cancel anyone else's article which is generally not what you want.  This
| is set in "inn.conf".

He don't have the time to redirect all the posting.
He only want's to remove a post if it has some nasty word or any .....

Is there any web interface or any other simply program to run for him in the
Linux ?

| Regards
| Elena

Regards Jan

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