nnrpd: article cmd response

Sven Paulus sven at tin.org
Thu Oct 12 23:45:47 UTC 2000

In article <ylbswpbxcg.fsf at windlord.stanford.edu> Russ Allbery <rra at stanford.edu> wrote:
|>> Hm, I just found INN-1.0 lying in a de.comp.sources.unix archive,
|> Want, please.  :)  Could you make a tarball available somewhere?

It's on ftp.tin.org in /pub/news/servers/inn/old-versions. In the same
directory there are also some other old versions and side branches (for
example INN "News in Dosen" and INN-1.7.2-innsync etc.).

http://ftpsearch.lycos.com is your friend :)


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