Is buffindexed overview corruption problem fixed in -STABLE?

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Thu Sep 28 10:50:10 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
> In article <20000927152023.A25877 at>,
>         Tim Ramsey <tar at> wrote;
> } Am I correct that this is a bug?  If so, is this bug fixed in the current
> } -STABLE snapshot?  Is there a reason why I should NOT fetch the latest
> } -STABLE and install that?
> I've seen some people who run buffindexed have that problem,
> though my server in production has never been happened to so
> far.  This happens, if the server has crashed, but I also
> have a suspection that this may be an OS specific issue.
> Could someone who has this problem raise your hand and tell
> me which Unix box is running?

We have the problem (as reported a few weeks ago to inn-bugs) on a
RedHat 6.2 server with a linux 2.2.17 kernel patched with IDE and
Reiserfs patches. History etc. is on a reiserfs file system, while
buffindexed overview is in raw diskpartitions through rawfs-0.6.

The problem is not due to the server crashing. INND has been running on
this server without interruption since late August, and slowly more and
more groups suffer from this problem. In the daily report from today, it
complaints over two groups - which surprises me, because just a few days
ago, it was four, so apparently the error has gone away by itself for
two groups.

In addition to the "buffindexed: ovgroupmmap ovbuff is null" error, we
are now also getting the following, which might be related to the

expireover[13500]: buffindexed: could not mmap overview for hidden

We have not tried to remake the overview yet, because so far this error
has only hit groups, which none of our users access - i.e. only
expireover complaints about them. As long as this is the case, and we
don't have a (possible) fix, we don't to take the server down for
several days to remake overview. (I'm guessing that it will take several
days, because the last time we ran makehistory it took ~12 hours, and
the CNFS message buffers were only 20% used at the time).

Anders K. Pedersen
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