problems with streaming news v2.3

David L. Nicol david at
Sat Apr 28 22:59:58 UTC 2001


Kat informs us that the

 innd: peerfqdn:55 cant read Connection reset by peer
 innd: peerfqdn:81 cant read Broken pipe
 innd: peerfqdn:81 cant write Broken pipe

messages are to be ignored.

Yet they are logged at the "err" level.

Logging messages which are properly ignored into the L_ERROR
channel is incorrect: lines in news.err should indicate a configuration
problem requiring correction.

Let's patch future releases so that the lines in innd/chan.c that
produce these messages have a more appropriate level, perhaps

./innd/chan.c:  syslog(L_ERROR, "%s cant read %m", p);
./innd/chan.c:  syslog(L_ERROR, "%s cant write %m", p);

Or is there a configuration change -- perhaps admin2admin negotiation
of time-outs -- that will remove the errors?

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