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Fabien Tassin fta at
Sun Apr 29 20:10:26 UTC 2001

According to Miquel van Smoorenburg:

> >Anyone running INN 2.4-CURRENT under Linux with largefile (for CNFS)
> >and himem (>> 1GB) with or without SMP ?
> I've considered it, but was afraid it wouldn't be stable enough.
> Seems I was right ;)

the problem is not INN but the kernel. 2.4 kernels have a lot of (known)
problems with memory management under stressed boxes. 

> >I'm running a similar box for months now, with kernel 2.4.[0-3], glibc 2.1.3
> >and Perl 5.005.03. I'm experiencing a lot of kernel crashes/freezes/BUG()
> >since I'm using himem. Removing SMP helps a little bit but it
> >still crashes randomly.
> If you're the kernel hacker type I think that the folks at linux-kernel
> would be interested in the logs - if you get Oops or Panic output,
> capture it using the serial console and decode it with ksymoops.

I'd like to but it is difficult.. I'm not near this server and there's no
interesting information in the logs that I can use post-mortem.
Usually, I'm getting messages by phone from on-site people... not ideal
for ksymoops :(
> >I'm tempted to fall back to kernel 2.2.19 but I'm not sure it will fit
> >my needs (largefile/himem/SMP).
> 2.2.19 doesn't have high memory support or largefile support. It does
> have SMP support and is really, really stable.

that's what I feared.
> Andrea Archangeli has patches for highmem and LFS on 2.2, but I'm
> not sure he updated it to 2.2.19 already. I think that stopped at
> 2.2.18pre19. You might want to look at the SuSe or RedHat kernels
> since supposedly they ship with 2.2 "enterprise" kernels that have
> those features.

thank you for the advice. I'll try a patched 2.2.19 if nothing else works.

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