innfeed bindaddress only in top scope, why?

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Aug 16 18:18:45 UTC 2001

S P Zeidler <spz at> writes:

> as far as I can discern from a hasty look at the source the innfeed.conf
> bindaddress parameter is only valid in the top scope, but not in host
> scope. I see no obvious reason why it shouldn't be definable per-group
> or per-host, am I missing something?

I think it's mostly just that no one's written the code in innfeed to
implement per-host bind addresses.

> While we're at feeding programs .. does the 'no crypto hooks' point still
> hold true? otherwise I'd have a updated patch to generate a innsxmit
> (SSL innxmit) for INN 2.3.2/OpenSSL. Same site to feed that caused Heiko
> to write the patch in the first place, still not gotten rid of it. ;-}

Well, given that we now include SSL hooks for nnrpd, we appear to already
be including crypto hooks.  :)  At some point we should let the US
government know that we're distributing crypto source code.  Hm.  Will
have to remember to take care of that.

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