innxmit, etc.

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at
Sun Dec 9 15:09:26 UTC 2001

> } Since innxmit didn't work on the 2.2 box, it was suggested that the 2.3.2
> } version of innxmit could handle either format.
> innxmit for 2.2 works for 2.2, and who suggested like above?


> 2.3.2 is also capable of handling relative path name.  3rd
> field in history, for 2.2, is not really path name of the
> file.  It includes ""/article_num which is
> different from "newsgroup/name/article_num".
> } I don't care which version I use; I just need it to work =)

> Then 2.2's innxmit works.

But it doesn't. When I create the batchfile as suggested by an earlier post 
of yours, (well, I modified the regex match for "@", since that character 
doesn't exist in the token fo the 2.2 history file.) I end up with a file 
with entries such as, ""/article_num.

When I run 'innxmit <news server> <$patchoutgoing/list>', innxmit returns:

"Ignoring line....." and nothing is ever transmitted.

> I'm sorry I still cannot understand the situation.  


1. While at work, "user A" subscribed to "" prepares an 
article and sends it.

2. "User B", who is NOT at work; rather is sitting home, checking for new 
articles on "", does not receive "user A's" post. However, 
while at work, "user A" receives his own post.

3. In other words, a user on our local reader can send/receive articles just 
fine. But when that same user reads his news at home, his articles which were 
posted while at work, do not show up on his home machine.

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