readerswhenstopped meaning

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Thu Dec 13 17:28:18 UTC 2001

-> the 'readerswhenstopped' and also '-y' inn options are here to allow/deny
-> nnrpd readers when innd is paused or throttled. 
-> Anyway I tried to do it and however I configured innd, it was always
-> rejecting clients when I throttled or paused it.
-> I tried changing 'readerswhenstopped' value to whatever, also changing
-> parameter -n via ctlinnd. None did help.
-> I am running FreeBSD-4.2 on i386.
-> Did anyone have similar problem?

well, one thing more. 

the inn doc says:

           Whether to allow readers to connect even if the server
           is paused or throttled.  This is only applicable if
           nnrpd(8) is spawned from innd(8) rather than run out
           of inetd or in daemon mode.  This is a boolean value
           and the default is false.

when I have 'readerswhenstopped' set to true, ctlinnd says

Readers follow enabled

and when I have 'readerswhenstopped' set to false, ctlinnd says:

Readers separate enabled

As I understand it, the first means Readerd follow mode of innd and don't
allow reading when innd is paused or throttled, and the second one means
those are two separate things.

It seems the meaning of 'readerswhenstopped' is inverted. The doc or better
sources should be fixed...

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