Adding cycbuffs and cycbuff questions

Lewis Watson lists at
Mon Dec 17 08:42:34 UTC 2001

I am using INN 2.3.2 on a Linux machine. I currently have 12 cycbuffs each
about 1GB in size. Everything is fine except we do a full cycle about every
6 days. I would like to add another 12 cycbuffs (60 GB of hda). We have
cycbuffs listed like this:


and pointing them to a megacycbuff as:


Other than shutting down INN, adding the new cycbuffs in the cycbuff file
and creating them, then starting INN back up is there anything else we
should do. Would it also be better to point them to a second megacycbuff?

Also, I am confused about the cycbuffs. When we create a cycbuff that file
is actually using that much space on the hard drive. In other words.... if
we have 24 cycbuffs each around 1GB in size then are they actually taking up
around 24 GB of space on the drive at all times? Someone said that they
actually sit on top and the space can be used by other stuff but that dies
not sound right to me. Thanks for the help....


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