Adding cycbuffs and cycbuff questions

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Mon Dec 17 16:17:28 UTC 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Lewis Watson wrote:

> I would like to add another 12 cycbuffs (60 GB of hda).

(Note that if you're going to have indivdiual buffers over 2 GB, you need
large file support enabled.)

> cycbuff:ONE:/var/spool/news/articles/cycbuff/one:1024000
> cycbuff:TWO:/var/spool/news/articles/cycbuff/two:1024000
> etc
> metacycbuff:ALL:ONE,TWO,THREE,etc,etc
> Other than shutting down INN, adding the new cycbuffs in the cycbuff file
> and creating them, then starting INN back up is there anything else we
> should do.

I don't think so (but I don't use CNFS).

> Would it also be better to point them to a second megacycbuff?

Well, do you want all of your articles to cycle at the same rate?  If you
separate them, you can use storage.conf to put some articles in one and
some in another.  For example, you could put all articles over 50KB in a
separate cycbuff, so that no matter how many binaries you get, your text
articles won't be "pushed out" too quickly.

This is a configuration thing that you might want to think about.  If you
just want to keep the same configuration you have now but extend the cycle
time, put them all together.

> Also, I am confused about the cycbuffs. When we create a cycbuff that file
> is actually using that much space on the hard drive. In other words.... if
> we have 24 cycbuffs each around 1GB in size then are they actually taking up
> around 24 GB of space on the drive at all times?


> Someone said that they actually sit on top and the space can be used
> by other stuff

Uh.  No.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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