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| } expire can't support -d (specify new directory), -f (specify new
| } history base name), -i (ignore old database) or -x (don't write); most
| } of these (with the exception of -f ?) look like they are needed.
| I think all of above except -d can be dropped.  Does anyone
| use those?

  I have used -x in the past, for just the reasons given in the man
page. But if -d works it is useful but not vital.

| } How was `threshold' to HISexpire expected to work - I'm assuming upper
| } bound on the arrival time for articles passed to the callback; if you
| } tell expire to do decisions based on posting time you need to pass in
| } "infinite" (which I guess probably means 0 as a special case).
| Looks good.

  Need I add that using posting time is just the kind of thing one might
be doing when finding -x useful?
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