Behaviour of newnews/readers.conf/inn.conf

Dave Williams dave at
Tue Feb 27 11:51:21 UTC 2001


a copy of -current-20010226, cvsup'd yesterday ; I had a short
amount of fun getting NEWNEWS working.

The documentation (well, INSTALL) seems to suggest that as was
previously the case enabling NEWNEWS or not by default is done
using 'allownewnews:' in inn.conf ; this doesn't quite seem to be
the case any more -

The documentation for readers.conf with regards to access groups
(and in particular the access: keyword within an access group)
states that including the 'N' flag for a particular reader will
override 'allownewnews:'.

At the moment, it seems that omitting 'N' from an access list will
turn off NEWNEWS for matching clients regardless of what allownewnews
is set to rather than (as would seem to be more logical) treating
it as the default.  Is the current behaviour intentional? 
It's no biggie, but it had me confused for a few minutes...

Dave Williams
dave at

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