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Maybe  I should asked if anyone has used feeder that is also being used a

I know that the documentation recommends that people should be going to the
readers and the feeder is just for posting and replication of articles.

Is this one of the reasons why?  Innfeed needing to wait until the index
file has been generated.

Thanks for your help,

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> I am running with the tradspool storage method.

Looking at the tradspool storage manager, I think
I see the problem.

tradspool, running within INN, checks the active file
at INN startup and then every 10 minutes.  If there
are changes, it then writes an index file.

Until that index file is written, I don't think the
master innfeed can see articles in the new newsgroup.

(And it should be returning a real error message

This is from looking at the code.  I have no good
way to test. I don't recall this problem ever being
discussed before on inn-workers.

A possible workaround:
   - Create the new group.
   - Wait 10 minutes, then post.

Another possibility:
   - Create the new group
   - ctlinnd xexec (or shutdown and restart)

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