Possible Solaris 8/INN-2.3.2 Problem

Timothy Demarest demarest at arraycomm.com
Tue Jun 12 00:16:58 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Kiernan <alexk at demon.net>
>>>>> wrote the following on 29 May 2001 13:11:26 +0100

  >> I even tried recompiling everything under Solaris 2.5.1, but that
  >> hasn't helped. If there doesn't seem to be a fix for 2.3.2, I'll
  >> probably go back to 2.3.0 which works on my Solaris 8 box. In this
  >> case, what do I need to do to recreated my ovdb and history files from
  >> the articles that are in my spool? The history* and ovdb files
  >> currently are probably damaged pretty badly - what ovdb files can I
  >> delete before recreting them?

  Alex> Same version of Berkeley DB or different?

OK. There is definitely something really broken with my 2.3.2 under Solaris
8. I recompiled eveything for Solaris 8 with the following options:

env LDFLAGS="-R /opt/local/lib -R /opt/local/gnu/lib" ./configure 
l=/usr/lib/sendmail --with-largefiles --with-run-dir=/var/run/news 
dir=/var/spool/news --with-log-dir=/var/log/news --with-tmp-path=/var/spool/new
/tmp --with-perl --with-berkeleydb=/opt/local

Berkeley DB is v3.2.9.

After recompiling installing, I decided to completely wipe out the overview
database files, the history file, and history indexes. I recreated both
from the existing spool with makehistory and makedbz, which worked fine. I
started news using rc.news, which worked just fine. However, all is not
well. The innd daemon is running, but I'm back to my same old issues: it's
stuck in LWP mutex lock loops. No errors to the various log files -- it's
running, but not really doing anything.

It's been a few weeks - has any other Solaris 8 site had similar problems
with 2.3.2 and Berkeley DB 3.x?


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