Release status and plans

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Sat Mar 3 18:40:25 UTC 2001

On Mar 03, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

 >I'm going to work on getting those two things into STABLE and then
 >anything else people think should be in 2.3.2 should go in ASAP so that we
What about adding gpgverify? As long as it's not enabled/installed by
default it will be harmless. I'm not sure if you have the latest
version, I'll send you what I have here.

 >changes to enable it.  Marco's controlchan work and Alex's history work
 >I'm willing to put in the tree whenever they think it's ready.
The second version of controlchan I announced some days ago (did you
look at it?) is nearly finished, I fixed a couple of buglets here and
just have to do some final polishing.
Now I'm working integrating the IPv6 patch, I'm removing some
compatiblity cruft for old/broken IPv6 implementations and reorganizing
some other things. I think it should go in 2.4, even if it's broken it
would be harmless when --enable-ipv6 is not used.

At which point of your release schedule is placed the perl module?

 >of macros.h as we can get consensus for, and try to take a stab at getting
 >rid of the rest of the legacy section in config.h.
Many things in config.h could *very* easily become inn.conf variables.

What about removing compatibility hacks for platforms like NeXT? :-)


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