innfeed as a memory eating hog - crazy hog!

Alex Kiernan alexk at
Tue Mar 20 13:33:45 UTC 2001

"Andrew A. Vasilyev" <andy at> writes:

> > I'll bet you're using CNFS.  innfeed will have a bunch of sections
> > of your CNFS buffers mmap'd.  Those mmap'ed regions are in the 
> > process' address space which is why the size looks so huge (I see
> > the same thing with HP/UX).  But notice that your RES is a much more
> > reasonable size.  That's how much RAM is actually used by that
> > process.
>   Unfortunately this is not so good as you describe :((
>   I know about mmap, but the following figures are not due to
>   this call, but all the memory had been eaten by malloc()-s,
>   and was visible as heap, not system shared memory. Please pay
>   attention to free memory below - and the system has 1GB RAM,
>   and now - without leaking innfeed, - we have 600MB free.
>   I can say the same about swap - we have 1GB free space there,
>   but today morning 2/3 was used. So the problem is still exists,
>   I saw this pig not for the first time. :((( Is there any chance
>   of Pyrify-ing this monster?

I haven't tried Purifying it yet, but before we roll it into
production with 2.4 I'm going to have to.

Alex Kiernan, Principal Engineer, Development, Thus PLC

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