Problems with feeding a 2.2.2 innd server from a 2.3.0 innd server

bill davidsen davidsen at
Fri Mar 30 19:21:59 UTC 2001

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Lisa Ungar <lungar at> wrote:

| I am running innd 2.3.0 and I am tryiing to feed another server using 2.2.1
| version of the code.
| The 2.3.0 server is using innfeed to feed the other server.
| This is the content of the incoming.conf file
| streaming:                        true
| max-connections:           8
| peer ME {
|   hostname:                      "localhost,"
| }
| peer research {
|    hostname:                     ","
| }
| In his news.notice file
| It says nnprpd[11955]: myservername connect

  There's your answer, you aren't in the incoming.comf file for the
other server, or someone forgot to do a reload of the file after adding
you. Or your reverse DNS isn't working, or you're routing through
another NIC, etc.

  You are being passed to nnrpd instead of handled in the server.

  Or... does the other machine run nnrod as a daemon on port 119 and
take the feed on another (usually 433) port?

  One of those should do it, let us know if not.

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