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Wed May 2 15:53:32 UTC 2001

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Fabien Tassin  <fta at> wrote:

| FYI, This server accepts a full feed and feed it back several times
| (around 250MB IN and 1TB OUT per day). The load is around 0.7 without SMP
| and innd is idle more 70% of the time, innfeed 90% (2 instances).
| I'm no longer using SMP because of some IO APIC problems forcing the
| nmi watchdog to stop the kernel (for further investigations).

What kind of disk are you running behind that? I'm doing around that,
but the box has little catch up capability, that's about all it does
even if it's down for network changes for an hour or so, limited either
by my ability to accept or feeders ability to feed.
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